Touch-Point Cleaning

15-Point High Touch Point Disinfecting

As per CDC Guidelines and proper disinfecting protocols each surface will be thoroughly cleaned prior to disinfecting

Our High Touch Point Disinfecting service can be added at any time of the year and has become one of our favorite services during COVID-19 and flu season. We will clean then disinfect all of the surfaces below in each room we normally clean.

·      Doorknobs
·      Kitchen faucet handles
·      Bathroom faucet handles
·      Toilet handles
·      Telephones
·      TV remotes
·      Thermostats
·      Cabinet and drawer knobs and handles
·      Outside doorbell
·      Appliance handles (including coffee pot)
·      Light switches
·      Banister railings
·      Baby gate handles
·      Computer keyboard and mouse

Cleaning cabinet pulls