25 Ideas to Make This Summer Fun-er

June 11, 2018

Ah, summertime. Now that the days are longer, the kids are out of school, and the weather is lovely (or at least not freezing), it’s time to have some old-fashioned fun. It might be tempting sometimes to sit around the house, but here are 25 ways to make the summer unforgettable.

  1. Go camping under the stars. Pack up the tents and get used to the scent of pine trees under the Milky Way.
  2. Eat s’mores! You don’t have to go camping — just fire up the grill and enjoy.
  3. Visit an animal sanctuary or nature park.
  4. Volunteer to play board games or talk to seniors at a retirement community.
  5. Three words: Disco karaoke night.
  6. Take a nature walk on a trail you’ve never seen.
  7. Go through the family photo album with your kids and relive some memories.
  8. Join a book club. Heck, form a book club!
  9. Write a letter (Yes, the old-fashioned way!) to a dear friend or relative you haven’t seen in awhile.
  10. Pledge to do five acts of random kindness for total strangers.
  11. Visit a local orchard or farmer’s market and fill your bags with fresh local produce.
  12. Go to a street festival or art fair in your community and support local artists.
  13. Organize an old-school board game night for your friends.
  14. Do something cultural: Visit the opera, the ballet, the symphony, or a museum.
  15. Volunteer to read to kids at the library. You can revisit your favorite books from childhood.
  16. Bring over a casserole or chili to someone who finds it hard to get around.
  17. Collect old towels and blankets to give to the animal shelter. Volunteer to care for the animals and give them love.
  18. Try a new cuisine you’ve never experienced before. Thai, Indian, and Vietnamese food are great places to begin.
  19. Two words: Road trip! Try going somewhere just for a fun day trip.
  20. Invite your dad or grandpa to go fishing with you. Make it a family event.
  21. If your kids are old enough, ask them to teach you something they know how to do and you don’t.
  22. Raise money for a good cause by organizing a car wash or bake sale. Call your local school — they might be grateful for your help.
  23. Train for a race. Even if you’ve never run before, challenge yourself to have fun. Invite a friend to be your training buddy.
  24. Host a great old movie night with a theme: Black and white only, Oscar Winners of the 1950s, Classic Noir, etc.
  25. Learn a new skill. It can be knitting, a language, or anything you’ve always wanted to do.

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