5 Whine-Free Ways to Get Kids to Clean

February 5, 2018

Keeping the home clean can be a challenge, especially when your tiny tots run the place. Approaching professional house cleaning services for assistance can help get your home clean, but it’s just the first step to getting your children to stop whining and chip in.

The specialists at Fabulously Clean House Cleaning recommend parents to follow these tips to encourage their young ones to clean:

  • Educate them about the benefits of a clean home
    Children are smart and they’ll listen to you and get cleaning when they understand why exactly they need to keep their rooms clean. Use educational videos, articles, and picture books to illustrate your point.
  • Make chores age-appropriate
    Often, children fail at chores because they are physically or mentally too young or too old for them. To make chores successful, make chores age-appropriate. For example, you could have your older kids wash dirty utensils and have the tiny tots clean them dry.
  • Put them on a schedule
    The experts at residential housekeeping services recommend that you use a strict schedule or a timetable to map the chores in advance. Keeping the chore time the same every day gets your kids used to the idea of having to chip in when cleaning the home.
  • Allow them to have fun with their chore
    Does your kid like to sing? Why not allow them to do that when they are in the midst of their chore? Permitting children to infuse some fun into the boring, old chore can make cleaning fun.
  • Keep the house well-stocked with the right supplies
    Make sure you have only child-friendly cleaning supplies at home. Use only those materials which are sensitive to your kid’s skin and only use those tools which are easy to use and don’t create a mess when in a child’s hands.

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