7 cleaning mistakes that will slow you down

July 9, 2018

Anne Gibbons once said, “Nature abhors a vacuum — and so do I.” Many of us who don’t like cleaning rush through the job only to find that we have to do it again, and that’s no fun. To help you have more free time in your day, here’s how to avoid seven cleaning mistakes that will slow you down.

1. Vacuuming Pet Hair Without an Attachment

When you see tumbling tumbleweeds of dog fur on the wood floor of your hall, it’s tempting to just vacuum them up. Unfortunately, the hairs blow everywhere. Use the cleaning wand or other attachments instead to prevent a pet hair tornado.

2. Forgetting the “Clean from the Top Down” Rule

Always start cleaning a room from the highest point and work your way down to the floor. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to re-vacuum your floor after you forgot to dust the bookcases first.

3. Cleaning Windows in the Sun

It sounds like a logical idea to clean your windows when it’s sunny, but in direct sunlight, window cleaner dries faster than you can wipe it off, leading to streaks. For best results, use a squeegee for better (and faster) coverage on your outdoor glass.

4. Assuming Your Toilet Tools Are Clean

Let’s be honest. Did you ever put your toilet brush back in the holder right after cleaning? We all have, but that means your toilet tools aren’t as clean as you might want. A light soaking in vinegar and water or diluted bleach will take care of most cruddies.

5. Not Letting Tile Spray Soak In

Before you start to scrub your bathroom tile, let the cleaning spray soak in and attack mold or grime along the grout.

6. Using a Lint Roller on Furniture

Okay, it sounds like a good idea to use a lint roller on the couch to grab up clumps of pet hair. However, this is one cleaning idea you should probably toss. Save the lint roller for lighter jobs like clothing. Instead, run your rubber-gloved hands over fuzzy furniture and you’ll get up much more for less effort.

7. Overloading Your Dishwasher

It’s tempting to load up the dishwasher with every single dirty dish in your house, but this “time-saver” will just mean that you’re doing a whole new load. When plates and dishes are stacked too close together, the dishwasher can’t clean the food cruddies (and the heat may bake it on).

Cleaning may not be your favorite task, but with these seven hacks, it’ll go faster and leave you more time for yourself and your day.

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