9 Holiday Party Cleaning Tips

December 18, 2017

Most people spend weeks planning those perfect holiday parties with the hope that they would be grand successes. There are candles lit up everywhere, beautiful wine glasses floating around and mouth-watering food on the table. But the morning after almost always looks like this-broken glassware, floor scuffs, lipsticks stains, dirty utensils and yes, a massive hangover.

Throwing a holiday party soon? Here are 9 cleaning tips from professional cleaners that will help you get your house back in order in no time!

Holiday Party Cleaning Tips

  1. Toss away all food items that have been sitting out and should normally be refrigerated. These include dips, cheese, veggie platter and salads.
  2. You can clean most scuffs on a hardwood floor by using a soft piece of cloth and rubbing the area.
  3. Salt works well to remove fresh red wine stains on upholstery or tablecloths.
  4. Put all your table linens to soak overnight in warm water in the washing machine. This will help get rid of tough stains.
  5. Carpet stains can be removed with leftover beer, in case you’re short on stain-removing liquid.
  6. Cornstarch works really well on grease. It will help absorb stubborn stains on textile such as expensive table clothes.
  7. Squirt dish-washing liquid onto grimy pots and pans and will them up with hot water. You can let them sit overnight on the cook-top or counter. The long soak would make them much simpler and quicker to hand wash in the morning.
  8. To get rid of garbage disposal odor, just put some citrus peels and cold water into the disposal.
  9. To freshen up your rooms, pour eucalyptus, sandalwood or lavender essential oil into a glass bottle with a spray handle. Add water and go on a spritzing extravaganza!

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