How to Clean Flat Paint Walls

February 26, 2018

One of the various types of wall paints finishes used in homes is the flat paint. But, before we understand how to clean it, let’s understand what it is.

A flat paint is a paint that has a matte-finish. They have a minimum gloss of 0-10% and they hardly reflect any light. This paint finish is usually used in the interiors of the house, to cover any cracks, bumps and other imperfections on the wall.

Cleaning a flat paint wall – be very careful if you scrub to hard you can scrub the paint off of the wall.

Supplies to have at hand

To get a professional home cleaning experience, it’s important to start with the right supplies. At our Boise housekeeping services, we recommend that you stock the following items when cleaning a flat paint wall:

  • White vinegar
  • Detergent
  • Sponge
  • Extra paint


  • Get started on your residential housekeeping exercise by wiping the wall with a damp sponge. If the stain is recent, you can stick to plain water. But, if these stains turn out to be stubborn, follow the ladies from our meridian house cleaning services and add a dash of white vinegar to the water.
  • Next, check for stains which don’t go even after using the vinegar. You can use an eraser sponge to provide a heavier scrubbing. But don’t worry, the sponge is soft and won’t damage your walls. If however the stains still remain, use foam cleaner first and then clean the wall with the vinegar water.
  • To get rid of the final, faint stains, use some detergent to wash the wall. A tablespoon of detergent to a gallon of water should be enough for a one-time home cleaning Wipe the wall clean with a wet sponge after using the detergent.
  • Finally, if you have the exact shade of paint; touch up the damaged spots with a thin paintbrush. You could also have the entire wall repainted.

We understand that wall cleaning is a time-consuming task. If you’d like assistance from specialists, contact our residential maid service for help. We offer affordable house cleaning prices.