Don’t Forget to Clean These Household Items

September 10, 2018

You tuck your glass cleaner bottle, bathroom cleaner and furniture polish back under the sink in your kitchen. You hang up your lambswool duster and wheel the vacuum cleaner back into the closet. Your housecleaning is done! Or, is it? There are a few items in every household that can easily be overlooked on any cleaning to-do list. Checkout some of those items to see if you have them all covered.

Light Switches

Even though you use them every day, a light switch is one of the easiest items to forget about when cleaning a room. Use a mild cleaner and a soft cloth to wipe down the light switches in all of your rooms to remove the germs that accumulate there from regular use.

The Curtain Rod in the Bathtub/Shower

Reach up and run your fingers along the top of the curtain rod in your bathroom. You’re likely to bring back a set of dusty, gray fingers. A lot of the dust and dirt that gets stirred up in this busy room ends up on the top of the curtain rod where it remains hidden for most of the time. Plus, the movement of the curtain rings over the rod can create more dust. So, take a cloth and mild cleaning solution to wipe down the curtain rod.

The Baseboards of a Room

Baseboards run along the entire length of a wall just above the floor. This decorative feature collects dust that can fall onto your carpet, linoleum or hardwood floor. When you vacuum, use the drape attachment to give the baseboards a quick cleaning before you finish. Dust free baseboards contribute to the look of your floors and your walls.

Remote Controls

TV remote controls are notorious for carrying germs and bacteria simply because they are touched by so many people in a household. So, it’s a smart idea to include them in your cleaning routine. Don’t forget other types of household remotes such as the one for the ceiling fan, stereo and garage door!

Ceiling Fan Paddles

Whether you use your ceiling fan or not, its paddles will collect dust over time. Use your lambswool duster to clean the film of dust off your fan’s paddles. Give the fan’s light fixtures the once over too, so your fan looks its absolute best!

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