Hiring a Cleaning Company vs. DIY Cleaning: What’s Your Free Time Worth?

January 8, 2018

It’s not surprising to know that for the majority of the people, time invested in cleaning their home isn’t really ‘quality time’.

In 2014, a survey involving 2,000 homes was conducted to find out what homeowners actually thought about housekeeping. More than 90% of the respondents admitted that they would prefer to engage in any other activity other than house cleaning. Enough said!

For most Americans, hectic work lives, household chores, and other personal and social commitments take up all their time. In fact, they are still left with some important tasks at the end of a 24-hour day. Most people say that they would love to spend any extra time with their friends, family and loved ones instead of taking on home cleaning tasks. Does that sound like you too?

Should I Hire a Professional House Cleaner?

If you said ‘yes’ to the above question, then here’s the perfect solution for your home cleaning woes: hire a professional home cleaning service in Boise ID today! Besides saving you the stress of home cleaning, it will also free up your valuable time for other activities including relaxation, catching up with loved ones, exercise and anything else that you consider important.

The 2014 Bureau of Labor Statistics ‘American Time Use Survey’ reveals that on a given day, 65% of men and 83% of women spend their time finishing household chores such as cooking, mowing the lawn or cleaning. This not only takes away from their personal and family time but also leave them extremely tired for any other activity during the day.

While time-saving is one aspect of hiring a cleaning service, let’s not forget that professional housecleaners, with their tools and equipment, will do a much better and quicker job of cleaning your home. Still stuck on DIY cleaning? Maybe not! Call Fabulously Clean today to schedule your FREE in-home estimate 208-608-4648.

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