How to Avoid Summertime Messes

May 28, 2018

Summer is the time for swimming, running through the sprinkler, firing up the grill and enjoying time with family. But, like all seasons, summer brings along with it a collection of messes. Learn how to avoid some of the messes that happen over the lazy days of summer in this article.

Avoid the Soaking Pile of Swimsuits and Towels

If you have children, you’ve probably encountered a heap or two of soaking swimsuits and beach towels on your bathroom floor. The kids come in from the pool and drop their wet suits and towels. To avoid this mess, put some clothes hangers on the curtain rod of your bathroom and a bowl of clothespins nearby. Ask your kids to hang their wet swimsuits on hangers securing them with two clothespins. Then, get them to hang their suits on the curtain rod to dry. Wet bath towels can be slung over lounge chairs outside.

Avoid Pools of Suntan Lotion on Your Floor

When kids and adults are putting on suntan lotion it tends to glop onto the floor. When this happens, the floor can become greasy as well as slippery. So, to avoid this summertime mess, get a small rug and designate it as the place for suntan lotion application. When the drops of suntan lotion start to accumulate on the rug, throw it into the washing machine and start afresh the next day!

Avoid a Greasy Grill

If you love to grill steaks, chicken and burgers during the summer months, then you’re familiar with the greasy mess that can accumulate on a grill’s grate. One way to lessen this mess is to get your grill going at a high heat to allow residual grease to burn off. A grill brush is useful for removing stuck-on residue from your grill grate. The best way to keep this sort of summer mess under control is to clean the grill grate each time it’s used.

Avoid Popsicle Drips

Eating a popsicle or two is definitely a rite of summer. But, what about all of those sugary drips of orange, red, purple and yellow left behind on the floors of your home? Avoiding this mess is as easy as buying a small package of cupcake papers. Simply slip one cupcake paper onto the bottom of your popsicle’s stick and slide it to the base of the popsicle. This is great for catching those drips!

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