Keep a Clean House Over Summer Vacation

April 9, 2018

Keeping a house clean without cutting into the summer fun doesn’t have to be stressful. You need to allow yourself some time to relax too. Here at Fabulously Clean House Cleaning, we understand that family time is special so we wanted to share some ideas on how to manage the mess of summer break.

Sharing is Caring

Now that the kids are home, this is a good time to get them involved in sharing some responsibility. Those bedrooms don’t clean themselves. This allows them the opportunity to make a little extra spending money as well. Organizing a chore chart can help with this. Beside each chore, give an incentive depending on how big the job is. But, don’t forget to add yourself to that list, making it seem like a fair deal across the board. Make cleaning time family time. You may be able to bribe them into doing some extra side work with beach and movie dates as well.

Life’s a Garden, Dig it!

Get creative and make your home a summer camp with outside activities. This is a helpful way to prevent inside mess. Pop up a tent out front and have a mock camping trip or plan picnics in the yard. You can even have gardening days where you all plant veggies or flowers to enjoy later. These little things create memories and you’ll never have to vacuum the grass. Plus, since some of us spend a lot of time beautifying our yards, summer is the perfect time to enjoy them.

A Pro of Procrastination

When you decide to ditch the dirt and take off for those summer day activities, think about investing in some leave on spray products like Wet and Forget. They have a product for almost every part of the house. You just spray it on and leave. When you come back, you wipe the sprayed area down and it’s spick and span. These types of no-hassle sprays are like having a cleaning lady start the job for you. Target and offer some free coupons for those interested in saving a couple bucks on supplies.

Keeping it Fabulously Clean

Last but not least, you can call us! Here at Fabulously Clean, we offer an array of affordable, professional house cleaning services. Whether you are leaving for vacation, or just need a little help with those extra chores, our friendly maid service can assist you. Give us a call at 208-608-4648 and schedule your estimate today. We offer detailed residential cleaning and have green cleaning options as well. It is summer and we would like nothing more than to help you relax.

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