Make dirt disappear: 13 Magic Eraser tips and tricks

June 23, 2018

Magic Erasers are the stuff of genius. You may know them as “the only thing capable of removing my son’s scuff marks from the wall besides actual fire,” but Magic Erasers have many uses you may not have heard of. Here’s our top 13 list.

1. No Sticky Wall Handprints

Underneath the DIY fingerpaint is a surface waiting to shine. Prints, random hand dirt — all of that can be “erased” in a minute.

2. No Spaghetti Stains on Plastic Containers

Remember how nice your plastic storage used to look before you put the pasta sauce in them? Magic Eraser can scrub out the orangey tint. Make sure to clean them carefully afterward.

3. Shine Your Silver

Test carefully on a small area first, but Magic Eraser can wipe away stubborn stains on silverware.

4. Shine Your Dishes

On some objects such as knives, Magic Eraser works amazingly well. It’s not recommended for stainless steel, so be careful. Thoroughly wash any items that will come in contact with food.

5. Banish Baseboard Grime

Baseboards collect a surprising amount of dirt. Magic Eraser is handy at easily wiping away dust, dirt, scuffs, and other marks.

6. Gummy Labels Begone!

It’s frustrating how some labels cling like grim survivors to plastic storage bins, boxes, shelves, or almost any other surface you can name. A few swipes with the Magic Eraser can take care of the label and the sticky residue labels apparently love to leave behind.

7. Leather Like New

Erase scuff marks on your shoes, briefcase, or purse. Just be sure to test first.

8. Remove Scuffs

You know how the tops of your kids’ Converse sneakers used to be white? With a good scrub-down from the Magic Eraser, they can be again.

9. Bathroom Mirror Wipedown

If you use Magic Eraser on your bathroom mirror, the mirror won’t get fogged up. You don’t have to vent the entire bathroom after your shower just to do your daily makeup.

10. Car Cleaning Tips

Use the Magic Eraser to get rid of handprints on headrests, footprints on seats, and shoe dirt from carpets. It’s also great for interior handles, steering wheel, or center console.

11. Twinkling Rims

Magic Eraser isn’t recommended for your vehicle’s paint, but it works very well to make your rims shining like brand-new.

12. No White Deodorant Marks

A few judicious swipes and this morning’s difficulty in putting on your black pullover is magically gone.

13. No Coffee Stains

Over time, tea and coffee stains can build up in your cups. Wipe them down with the Magic Eraser to get them looking lovely and clean.

Now that summer’s here, it’s a perfect time to get started!

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