Tips for Cleaning Before Move-In Day

August 10, 2018

After the previous owners of your new home have moved out, it’s time to give the place a thorough cleaning. Taking the opportunity to clean the home before moving in will make the place feel even more inviting to you and your family. Discover a few tips to follow as you clean your home before moving in.

Clean Your Most Used Room First

What is the most used room in a home? The bathroom of course! So, this is where you start to clean. Use a cleanser with bleach to clean the bathtub, shower, sinks and toilet to get rid of germs and bacteria. Give the light fixtures and the mirrors in the bathroom the once over with cleaning solution and a soft cloth. Don’t forget to clean forgotten places like the shower curtain rod, behind the toilet and around the door frame.

Dust Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures

If you’re lucky enough to have ceiling fans in your new home, clear the dust off its paddles with a microfiber duster attached to a long handle. Unfortunately, just because the paddles of a ceiling fan are spinning doesn’t mean they don’t accumulate dust. Dust the ceiling light fixtures in your kitchen, bedroom, hallway and elsewhere in your home for a fresh, brightly-lit start to your new life.

Clean Kitchen Cabinet Shelves

Use a mixture of vinegar and water to wipe the dust and dirt out of your kitchen cabinets. Don’t forget the storage drawer beneath the stove. Thoroughly cleaning all of the cabinets and drawers in your kitchen allows you to put away silverware, plates, glasses, etc. without delay.

Clean the Drawers in Your Refrigerator

Chances are, your new home has a refrigerator already set up for you. Remove the vegetable and meat drawers to wash them in hot, soapy water. Let them air dry on your counter.

Clean the Closets

Clean the shelves of your hall closets and coat closets so you can hang up items and put folded towels away after the boxes are dropped off by the movers.

Clean the Carpets Before the Furniture Arrives

Clean the carpeting in your bedrooms, living room and throughout your home. This is the perfect time to do this because you don’t have to worry about moving furniture. As a note, once your carpets are dry, put a tarp down over the areas where people will walk. This protects your clean carpet from dirty shoes on move-in day.

Our professional team at Fabulously Clean can help you get your new Treasure Valley home in shipshape before move-in day. Call our offices at (208) 608-4648 to find out more about our affordable housekeeping services today!

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