Your Bathtub’s Dirty Little Secret

May 7, 2018

Where do you go when you want to feel clean and refreshed after a long day? Your shower or bathtub, of course! But, did you know that the place where you go to get clean is harboring bacteria? Take a look at a few favorite hiding spots for bacteria in your bathtub and shower.

The Double Life of Soap Scum

At Fabulously Clean, our experienced housekeeping team has seen its share of soap scum in bathtubs and showers in the Treasure Valley. You know those white streaks of soap scum on your shower walls? This soap scum quickly transforms into mold. Mold spores are especially fond of the grout between your shower tiles.

Dirty Secrets Beneath the Rubber Mat in Your Tub

A rubber mat on the floor of your bathtub is great for preventing slips and accidents. But, have you ever wondered what’s lurking beneath it? Take a peek and you’re likely to see slimy, greenish mold there. Dirt, sweat and body oil get trapped under the mat leading to bacterial growth. Ugh! I bet you’re sorry you looked.

Glass Shower Doors: A Paradise for Bacteria

Glass doors on showers can quickly take on a cloudy film of soap scum. This soap scum gradually turns into a pink or orange substance. While scientists call this substance Serratia marcescens, we refer to it as yucky bacteria.

Bathtub Toys and Germs Unite

Your children have tons of fun playing with bright yellow ducks, tugboats and other bathtub toys. Oftentimes, there’s water leftover inside the toys when your little one hops out of the tub and into a soft bath towel. The leftover water prompts mold growth. So, when your child uses the toy again, he or she is exposed to mold.

Helpful tips to prevent mold growth in bathtub toys:

  • Empty all of the water out of each toy
  • Put the toys near a fan so they can dry out
  • Store dry toys in a place with good air circulation

At Fabulously Clean, our goal is to leave our clients with clean, happy homes. Our dedicated, courteous staff members are experts at getting rid of the bacteria and mold in showers and tubs. In fact, this is just one of the tasks on our Top to Bottom Deluxe Clean Checklist! We use the latest equipment and green cleaning solutions to provide you with quality residential house cleaning. So, pick up the phone and leave the shower and tub cleaning duties to our affordable cleaning company. Call us at (208) 608-4648 and let us know what we can do for your Treasure Valley home today!

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