5 In-Home Hacks For Removing Pet Hair from Furniture

December 11, 2017

Dog hair? Don’t Care! Check out these 5 hair removal hacks to remove unwanted pet hair from your furniture like a professional. No need to shave the pooch or even toss the cat; we guarantee you have just what you need right there in your home to get that pesky hair off of everything, even in the car.

1.Rubber Gloves

Most of you have these for washing dishes or deep cleaning projects. These babies are good for many things, even getting that fur off of soft fabrics.

All you need to do is put the glove on, rub it over the cushions — car or inside furniture — and the hair sticks to the glove. You can rinse it off and repeat as many times as necessary.

2. Hair Spray

Yep, you read that right. This not only takes up the hair, it also leaves a little fragrance with it.

Take a paper towel or a rag and spray it on one side. Immediately press the towel onto the surface with the hair then lift. The hair should come right off with the rag; re-spray and repeat.

3. Pumice Stone

These are good for carpets and more durable fabrics. You can even use these for the floors in the car.

Take the pumice stone and gently scrape repeatedly over the hair. The hair should start sticking to it, lifting out of the carpet.

4. Dryer sheets

Another refreshing way to get the hair off of the furniture, clothes and even curtains. These can be taken with you wherever you go for a quick touch up as well.

Take the sheet and wipe the hairy area. These are good for almost any surface, they smell great, and are easy to use.

5. Tape

This is used the same way you would use lint rollers. If you find yourself running out of roller space this is a great alternative.

Wrap the tape around four fingers with the sticky side out. Make sure to wrap a couple times. Just like the rollers, you can tear away what is used leaving a clean sticky space to work with.

If you purchase double-sided tape, you can reuse an old lint roller and re-wrap it. Keep these around the house for more than just animal hair; stick them in couch cushions and other deep hidden areas to catch old food and other items that may have fallen into them.

If you’re looking to get deeper into your furniture and other parts of the house, we would be glad to help. Contact us here at (208) 608-4648 for your in-home estimate today and let one of our professional cleaning techs assist in making your home a hair free zone.

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