How to Remove Mold from Shower Caulk or Tile Grout

January 29, 2018

Who doesn’t want a spotlessly clean tile grout and shower caulk in their bathroom? Mold is perhaps the biggest challenge to address when it comes to toilet maintenance and typically calls for professional housekeeping services. The mold bacteria will thrive in moist and warm environments such as the shower and will take more than scrubbing to be removed. So, the plan of action is to kill it!

The bleach solution

One of the most common and effective ways used by professional housekeeping companies to eliminate bathroom mold is to create a potent bleach solution. For this, a 1:10 ratio of bleach and water mix is created. An aluminum disposable plan is used for pouring the bleach solution in along with some paper towels. These towels may be torn apart and rolled up like fruit roll-ups or cotton coils. Why? Professional housekeeping agents have said that this lets them easily sit on top of the mold. They further wet the towels in the prepared bleach solution and place them on the targeted mold. The towels are finally pushed into the gaps and allowed to remain in that place (that is, on top of the mold) for a night. Voila! The job is done.

In most cases, professional housekeeping services are successful in removing the toilet mold after just a single application of the bleach solution. But, in rare scenarios, when there is still some mold in the caulk, they might need to repeat the process.

Before undertaking the cleaning of your caulk and tile grout, don’t forget to get rid of all the dust in the area. You could sweep the loose debris and dust away or use a vacuum cleaner to clean up your tiled shower flooring. This step is extremely important as it will prevent the spreading of dirt in the area of accumulation of mud when you are spraying the solution on the targeted area.

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