How do I get rid of the cat pee smell in my house?

August 21, 2018

Is there anything worse than cat pee? We love our furry felines, but when there’s a cat pee incident, you can’t just ignore it. Here are some helpful tips for getting rid of cat pee smell in bedding, pillows, and hard-to-clean items like carpets and furniture.

Why Does It Smell So Terrible?

No urine will ever be mistaken for French perfume, but cat pee is in a class by itself. This has to do with its unique chemistry. When bacteria break down uric acid in the cat pee, this process releases ammonia. Compounds called mercaptans form, and they’re the same chemicals skunks spray to deter predators. Last, unneutered male cat urine often contains steroids. Although steroids work well to mark territory, they get the job done in the stinkiest possible way.

Act Fast

The first step to eliminate cat pee smell is to act quickly. First, blot the urine with disposable paper towels. Next, apply an enzymatic cleanser. These cleansers break up the uric acid into carbon dioxide and ammonia and may be the only step you need to take. Many pet stores carry enzymatic cleansers, and it’s not a bad idea to keep some on hand if you own a cat so you’re already prepared in the event of an accident.

How Do You Clean Carpets and Furniture?

Using the enzymatic cleanser, spray the stain thoroughly. Individual cleansers’ directions vary, but generally, let the cleanser penetrate the stained area for about 10-15 minutes before blotting up as much of the liquid as you can. It’s important to let the cleanser soak into the stuffing of your furniture or the pad under the carpet.

Don’t Double-Clean

At first, the smell may seem to get worse, but give the cleanser a little time. Although it might be tempting to scrub out the pee stain with other cleaners or chemicals, this isn’t a good idea. Those chemicals actually make it harder for the cleaner to work because they’re changing the chemistry of the stain. Above all, never clean a cat pee stain with ammonia. Because cat pee odor comes from ammonia in the first place, adding ammonia to a stain makes the problem much worse.

Last-Ditch Efforts

If the enzymtic cleanser doesn’t work even after the stain is dry, try mixing one part water to one part vinegar and using this solution to clean the stain. Wait for a few days for the vinegar smell to fade. For washing clothing or bed sheets, mix a quarter cup of vinegar to one cup of baking soda and add this to your washing machine along with your usual detergent. Repeat this process as needed. With a little work, your cat pee stains can be a thing of the past.

If you have already given it your best effort and the cat pee smell remains, or if you would prefer to delegate the dirty job to a professional, call Fabulously Clean at (208) 608-4648 to schedule a free consultation now.

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